Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award

Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award aims to showcase the work of notable artists and designers from around the world, and to give them a chance to realise and publish their photobook dummy.

The prize includes all expenses for book production such as design, printing and distribution. The photographer will also receive a large number of books to dispose over and sell. The winner will be invited to Landskrona Foto Festival to receive the award. The Dummy Award gives the winning artist an entry into the international photography industry.

The winner of 2022 Dummy Award is Róisín White from Ireland. The book will be designed, printed and distributed during 2023.


Where meaning collapses

As soon as we open the first spreads in Lay Her Down Upon Her Back, we fall headlong down through the history of illness and are then brought back to the present again. Through black and white pages of archival material, drawings and staged photographs, Róisín White shapes a narrative about outdated diagnoses of the female body and its pain. We are in a seemingly wordless state, with ingrained structures lacking a language to describe what is happening. And then suddenly, in the middle of the story, something breaks it off, and in front of us we see motley, colourful, floral-patterned wallpaper – as if crying out amidst all the black and white – but in the next spread everything is silent again and we continue to fall.

Jury: Holly Roussell, Gloria Oyarzabal, Tommaso Parrillo, Nela Eggenberger och Jenny Lindhe

About the project:

Lay Her Down Upon Her Back is a body of work that examines the legacy of the 1880s treatment known as The Rest Cure. It was generally prescribed to women who were deemed to be of nervous disposition, anaemic, or hysterical, and involved them spending up to two months on bed rest, over-feeding, isolation and electrocution. This treatment has since been discredited, but its legacy in women’s healthcare remains today. The Rest Cure cultivated mistrust in women’s pain and discomfort, and made the female patient solely dependent on her male doctor. The method in which the Rest Cure was administered solidified power relations between doctor and patient and ensured that she would be submissive to her treatment. “And here lies the trouble: there are women who mimic fatigue, who indulge themselves in rest on the least pretence, who have no symptoms so truly honest that we need care regard them. These are they who spoil their own nervous systems as they spoil their children, when they have them, by yielding to the least desire and teaching them to dwell on little pains.” (Weir Mitchell, S. 1877). The lasting effect can be seen in the mistreatment and mistrust of women by physicians today, with average time for a diagnosis of endometriosis at 7 years. With most women being told to get some rest, lie down, grin and bear it. This project uses found photographs and archival material to weave a narrative between the past a present. 

About the artist:
Róisín White is a Dublin based visual artist, working primarily with photography, drawing, and sculpture. White has exhibited her work in Ireland and across Europe.  Her project “Lay Her Down Upon Her Back” was selected for the third edition of New Irish Works in 2019. 


Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2020 was awarded to Satoshi Tsuchiyama – Heat of Sand.


Honorable mentions are: 

Franziska Rieder (Germany) – 1-212-529-1432: Voice Messages from late 90s New York City 

Christopher Rodriguez (United States) – Afterlife 

Robin Hinsch (Germany) – Wahala

Rémi Faucheux, Tiffany Jones, Eamonn Doyle, Nina Strand, Jenny Lindhe


Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2018 was awarded to:

Pietro Paolini - Buscando a Bolìvar.



Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2017 was awarded to:

Gloria Oyarzabal - La Picnolepsia de Tshombé


The jury’s citation:

La Picnolepsia de Tshombé

This is an important story, the aesthetics of disappearance. A complex relationship being exposed between Africa and Europe using the example of The Democratic republic of Congo.  It uses multiple types of imagery and texts put together in an original and provocative manner. It is a solid project telling a story of modern conflict normally erased. A clever book that connects both significant narratives, that do not sit together easily, with the nature of photography itself – to be visible and invisible in the same moment. 

The 2017 jury consisted of:

Nina Grundemark (Grundemark Nilsson gallery), Sweden, Anna Fox (artist), England, Matilda Plöjel (graphic designer), Sweden, Moritz Neumuller (curator), Austria, Jenny Lindhe (Breadfield), Sweden.


Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2016 was awarded to:

Duccio Doretti (IT) - 

A lit candle lit the following and other coincidences on existence.


Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2015 was awarded to:

Meral Güler (USA) and Dan Porter (UK) - You Would Be Earth