The devil is in the details, but God is in the picture by Johann Selles | Opening 29 th Aug, 18 – 21.

29th Aug – 28th Sep, 2014 | Opening 29th Aug

The devil is in the details, but God is in the picture is a photographic poem. A photographer imagining his life replaying before his eyes when it is about to end. Will this collection of memories create a feeling that somehow everything makes sense?

That’s it. The time has come. I am, but I’m close to not being anymore. I’m about to end.
Do I see my life replay before my eyes? Do I get some comfort in my loneliness, watching closely what I will never see again?

Like pieces of a puzzle, a slideshow is playing images, footprints of my existence. Those pictures witnessed my story and are a mirror to my soul.
A recollection of flashbacks. Some of them magical and some of them anonymous. I know and feel there is a meaning. Randomness is not of this world.
I wish I had photographed everything, but too often it was already gone.
And at the end there are just memories left alone.

“You get the sense that it’s possible simply to go through life noticing things and writing them down and that this is ok, it’s worth doing. That the seemingly insignificant things that most of us spend our days noticing are really significant, have meaning, and tell us something.” – Joan Didion

“When you form the meaningless world into photographs, then form those photographs into a meaningful world.” – Paul Graham

Johann Selles is a photographer born in Marseille, France and has been living in Sweden since the year 2000. He graduated from Nordens fotoskola Biskops-Arnö in 2010 and is based in Malmö. Holder of a one year working grant of the Swedish Art Grant Committee in 2012, his first photo book Be yourself (amongst all others) will be published by Breadfield Press in september 2014.

Med stöd av Malmö Stad och Folkuniversitetet.