Sunshine & Shadow is an autobiographical story in twenty chapters, which might include for example a fireworks factory, a funeral, a shooting, a broken camera, or a found note.
Each chapter begins with a short text reminiscent of what one might find in an old adventure novel, the purpose of which was to describe what kind of grand events might happen to the heroes in the next chapter.In the adventures of Sunshine & Shadow, the chapters following these texts is told through photographs.
These words visualize scenes and stories before you see them, creating a play of associations between image and text. The texts build up expectations about what is to come which, when not met, confuses the viewer, forcing them to fill in the gaps, to become a detective, to build stories and connections of her own.
Sunshine & Shadow challenges and plays with the idea of ​​reality, chronology, and historiography, creating a loosened narrative where events and thoughts from a period of the artist’s life, translated into photographs and text, falters freely between different times, between the actual world, inner visions, everyday life, fairy tale, construction, sunshine, and shadow.

184 pages
hard cover, foil embossed

300 sek