“Cannot a plant that comes from somewhere else become native with time? I asked. She gave me a perplexed look, not understanding me at all.” A herbarium in Cairo, an allotment in Gothenburg, collected in one book. A desire to belong, to demand a place, and to organize space according to ones own tradition Image and text ties the places together. The swedish botanist Vivi Täckholm (born 1989) developed theFaculty of Botany at -Cairo University. She and her colleagues, collected, ordered, classified and cataloged plants. Theire work followed Carl von -Linné’s Species Plantarum which followd the belief that it was possible to determine, systematise and cataloge the surrounding world. Taking controll of the world by taking controll of knowledge. An ongoing imperialistic project. Humans trying to controll nature. Also a book is part of a system of knowledge.

20 pages
colour offset
staple bound
glued in text pages
297×420 mm
ensglish, swedish and arabic

250 copies for sale, special edition available

300 sek