Spesial Nord #3 release at Breadfield, Sat 9 June, 12-16 pm. This weekend only!

Spesial Nord #3

Hidden Matter – A Private Collection

Year: 2011

Format: 30 × 42 / 59 × 84 cm

Design: Node Berlin Oslo

500 ex

ISBN 1891-375X


Spesial Nord is an artist run, Nordic publication designed to function as a showroom for young newly established artists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.
Spesial Nord is established and edited by Iselin Linstad Hauge and Christina Leithe Hansen.


Spesial Nord # 3, «Hidden Matter» – A Private Collection.

This issue presents artists working with black and white photography. With a humble approach to seemingly mundane moments, they all perform an exploration into something hidden. They manage to gently dissect the fragile material of the everyday, displaying what we really want to see; we just did not know how close it actually was.

This issue is a publication and an exhibition.

Its your Private Collection


«Hidden Matter» – A Private Collection, consists of one poster for each artist. It was first shown as an exhibition at Galleri Trafo and then later at Fotogalleriet in Oslo. If you buy issue #3 of Spesial Nord, you get all the works exhibited.


Artists Spesial Nord # 3:

Anna Strand (SE), Bettina Camilla Vestergaard (DK), Iselin Linstad Hauge (N), Edvard Gran (N), Signe Vad (DK), Arja Hyytiäinen (FIN), Christina Leithe (N), Solveig Syversen (N), Emil Salto (DK)

Spesial Nord # 3 is fonded by Norwegian Photographic Fund (NoFoFo)