Maja Atterstig


There is a box named the World. The World is a permanent work title of a project which Maja has been engaged in since 2007. In the World there are pictures of everything that counts, such as places, lights, people, lost property, horizons, former loves and things ended up in the wrong places. Asking Maja what the essence of the World consists of, she says: ”Catching somebody in something. Confined to herself and what is happening. To reach a kind of vacuum where time before and after the moment of exposure does not exist. A feeling telling you that all there is is Now. But also that it is difficult knowing what is really happening.” In her work Maja has chosen a documentary attitude to photography and motive and makes a point of always observing – never directing – her photos. It is first in the second stage, in the process of selecting and arranging the series of pictures that the role of director comes forward. When the director steps in the World turns upside down. Some pictures look like they have always done, others have got new content as circumstances are changing. Maja is one of those who play an important part, both as photographer and director.