Breadfield presents Choreographies by Linda Hofvander,Opening 11th Feb, 16-20

Breadfield presents Choreographies by Linda Hofvander (photographies and film)

Linda Hofvander lives and works in Stockholm. She has an MFA from the School of Photography, University of Gothenburg, Sweden and a BA from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts in London. Her work has been shown at Hasselblad Center, Göteborgs konsthall and Box Gallery. This is her first solo show in Malmö.

To close in on the mundane world, a bit from the side. To make photography
choreography. I spell her name Magda as a cinematograper, in the portrait
of her. I walk back and forth to the window to make the line of the
horizon match the point of the camera. The usual
implication of size – the matchbox – is a model without any reference in
the room. The ingrained registration eye of photography is disturbed. The
magic penetrates and the board floats between the gestures of her hands.
The folded paper as a set piece of a corner creates rooms that are only in
the photograph.

I try out the documentary and fictional elements in the
photograph. My work revolves around the photographic image, its reality
and building of illusions. By twisting what is recognizable in settings and
situations, I want to draw attention to how we perceive and experience our
environment through the media – the conventions and categories that form
the basis for understanding, or misunderstanding, the world around
us. Photographic truth spills over into reality and becomes part of it.

”With a technical brilliance and a methodical approach, without compromising on the poetic mode of force, she manages to remind us of the magic that lies latent in life. Linda Hofvander invokes a “forgotten reality” in a factual and beautiful way.”   Annika von Hausswolff