C/O Jenny Rova | I Would Also Like To Be | b.frank books | 2nd edition

“I’m following and spying on my ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend. I pursue them on Facebook, downloading all the pictures they have been uploading there of themselves and each other. I’m placing myself in the new girlfriend’s position, imitating her pose, expression and dressing myself in the same outfit. Photographing myself in the same light as in the picture of them. The figure of me I glue on to the original picture, covering the girlfriend. In this way I build a dream life of my own on top of theirs. During the process of taking the new girlfriends poses, I’m once again, briefly a part of my ex love’s life and I can imagine how it would be to be her.” (From the introduction)

Softcover | 72 pages | 41 color and black & white photos | Sewn pamphlet binding | second edition 2015 | designed by Alexandra Bruns

300 SEK