Breadfield presents Residue by Behzad Farazollahi | 6 th – 26 th April

Undefined Structures # 2

Residue by Behzad Farazollahi

In his latest exhibition the Oslo based artist Behzad Farazollahi uses various light sources and a shotgun in an attempt to capture the physical essence of movement.

Everything around us is in a constant movement. The Sky, the Earth, the Air, Water, Humans, Animals, and all matter, organic or not is always in drift. However, much of this movement is not visible to the eye. This abstract domain is where Farazollahi explores the possibilities of capturing movement or more indirectly its residue.

Having Photography as his primarily medium, he challenges photography by emphasizing the medium’s limitations by using the light in his black boxes so that two-dimensional flatness dissolves into a direct sense of movement.

In Residue Farazollahi also includes” the one-piece aluminum sculpture “ 746 Splints “ where he has shot with a shotgun directly on an aluminum plate with different calibers.  The plate has become an analogue surface itself, referring to the film plane, and the lead forms random holes into a room behind the physical recording of movement itself.

Behzad Farazollahi (B.Teheran1978) has had Solo and group-exhibitions at Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Gallery Galluzin, London Pride Gallery, Gallery A, and Porgrunn Kunstforenning.

In the last three years he has co- curated 24 exhibitions at the artist run Gallery MELK in Oslo, which he runs with Bjarne Bare. In 2006 Farazollahi won the prestigious Guardian weekend edition Photo prize.

Välkomna till vernissage av Residue lördagen den 6 april kl. 16 – 20. Konstnären närvarar.





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