Utvalda Stenar | Kristina Bengtsson & Lotten Pålsson

For this, their second collaborative exhibition, illusions crafted from stone are the subject of Kristina Bengtsson and Lotten Pålsson’s continued investigation into the poetics of seeing.

Slide projections and photographs take their cue from 19th Century Trompe l’oeil mosaic, mock-classical architecture and monumental sculpture, beckoning the viewer into a visually seductive reverie.

To approach these playful disruptions of perception, space and history with photography, that most illusory of media, encourages meditation on not only how we look but how we internalise what we see.

-Kevin Malcolm

Kristina Bengtsson (b.1979) is an artist based in Copenhagen, educated at Glasgow School of Art

Lotten Pålsson (b.1977) is an artist based in Malmö, educated at Gothenburgh University of Photography