Öga Fälla Öra Port by Kirstine Autzen | 11 th Sep – 24 th Oct


Öga Fälla Öra Port

Danish visual artist and photographer Kirstine Autzen is showing new work at Breadfield in Malmø from September 11th to October 24th. The starting point for the work is how we use language to express intimacy and self-insight.

We say: ”she saw right through me”, and thus connect vision, knowledge and insight. We also say: ”he should look inside himself” or ”you don’t see me”, and in this way the mind, the body and our emotions cross over in many ways in language. These exact crossings are explored visually throughout the exhibition.

The works in the exhibition stage experiences of vision, mirroring, and transparency, such as self-portraits, which you can literally see through, as they are photographed on a very large slide (8×10 inches) and standing freely in the exhibition space. In another work, Autzen has created a gate made of glass, wood, and sound, which creates a meeting of virtual, real and mental spaces. The glass has a special coating, which makes it both transparent and reflective. This allows one to simultaneously see oneself, the space behind the glass, and the illusory space within the reflections of the glass. The sound in the sculpture consists of ambient sounds of a reworked love ballad and the installation in its entirety could be seen as a gate of longing, with no actual relief.

The reflective nature of the work, in both a theoretical and materiel sense, opens up for thoughts of longing for a connection with oneself and with others, as well as the relationship between vision, the body and the inner self. The exhibition includes video, photography and sculptural installations and is open until October 24th 2015.

Kirstine Autzen is a trained art photographer from the photography school Fatamorgana (2005), and also holds an MA. in Visual Culture (2010). Kirstine Autzen works mostly with photography, but also with installation and video works. Her practice is a study of the individual’s relationship to the world – and relationships between individuals.
Sep 11, 2015 – Oct 24, 2015
The show opens Friday, 11 Sep, 5-8 p.m.

contact: Jenny Lindhe (curator Breadfield) 0739-325990 | info@breadfield.com

With support from: Statens Verkstäder för Konst, Malmö Stad and Folkuniversitetet

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