An editorial conversation between Objektiv’s board members Lucas Blalock, Ida Kierulf, Brian Sholis, Nina Strand and Susanne Østby Sæther.

Nina Strand, Editor-in-Chief: Our issues in 2016 carry the same title: The Flexible Image. They examine the (photographic) image as it expands into two distinct yet related directions: the image as text/sign and the image as operation. In this issue, PART II, we ponder the image as text. Inspired by Aperture’s issue Lit., we ask whether the image has taken over from the word, and if gestures are in turn replacing images. This is something that Nancy Newhall wrote about in Aperture’s first issue, back in 1952: ‘Perhaps the old literacy of words is dying and a new literacy of images is being born. Perhaps the printed page will disappear and even our records [will] be kept in images and sounds.’

Year: 2016
Format: 21 x 28 cm
ISSN: 1891-6198
Buy: 150 Sek