New Opening | A White Woman´s Photographic Travel Journal by Nina Bacos | 13 dec – 24 jan | Opening 13 dec, 18 – 21 (Artist Talk 17 – 18)

© Nina Bacos
A White Woman´s Photographic Travel Journal
Denna visuella undersökning består av iscensatta och dokumentära fotografier tagna under resor från Västafrika till Grönland. Här genomförs ett ifrågasättande av den “fotografiska blicken” genom en vit medelålders kvinna. Genom återkommande självporträtt synliggörs exotism, vit kvinnlig sexturism och tvärkulturella erfarenheter.
Nina Bacos, svensk fotograf med bas i Skottland. Hon har en doktorsexamen i Fotografi från Glasgow School of Art. Bacos håller ett Artist Talk i anslutning till vernissaget

It is a visual enquiry into whiteness as a subjective racial construction that probes ideas about the photographic gaze. The diary exists at the intersection of racial, gendered and sexual identities. It is made up of staged and documentary photographs taken during journeys from West Africa to Greenland. Through reoccurring self-portraits my subjectivity is made transparent in a wider cultural space. The result is an examination of cultural appropriation, exoticism, white female sex tourism, cross-cultural experience, and love, mirrored through the body and mind of a middle-aged white woman. In the images you see a sliver of her/my life as it evolves with others in “A world where race operates as a hidden scripting of rationalized irrationality and myriad images of racial clichés perpetuate their unspoken subtexts of devaluation.” (P. Williams)

The work aims to demonstrate a departure from the notion that photography as a ‘structuring system’ that form a conclusive limitation, to understanding it as a relational possibility for complex and necessary social and humanist negotiations. In this interpretation the photographs are a social space where narratives puncture each other, articulating injuries, privileges, and love ‘in the particular, personal and immediate transactions between ethnic or cultural others’ (Piper) to offer a ‘chance to elaborate on an ethical perspective’(s) (Butler 2005, p. 101) of the relationships that it renders.

Nina Bacos is a Swedish photographer based in Scotland. Her interests are the limits between realism and the socially constructed. Her work exits in the contested in-between space of these two tropes and is made up by auteur style documentary and staged images. She has just (2013) competed a doctorate in photography at Glasgow school of art and her previous degrees were competed at HFF (School of Film and Photography now Institute Valand) at Gothenburg University (SE) Title of thesis: A White Woman’s Photographic Travel Journal. Title of Masters project: In The Cracks of Migration. (Dissertation, Moving Beyond The Post) Title of Bachelors project: Near Photographic Pictures. (Dissertation, In the Beginning: On Photography Education).

The show opens Friday, 13th Dec. 2013, 6-9 p.m. Don´t miss Nina Bacos Artist Talk before the opening at 5 p.m

Med stöd av Malmö Stad och Folkuniversitetet.