Dummy Award

Landskona Foto & Breadfield are very happy to announce this year´s Dummy Award winner:

Congratulations – Pietro Paolini!

Paolini from Florence won with the dummy Buscando a Bolìvar.

He graduated from the Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence in 2005. 2004 he started to take interest in the South American reality, focusing on the new socialist countries, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. In 2006 he founded, with three other photographers, the TerraProject collective, which deals with social and geographical issues in Italy. His photographs have been exhibited in Italy and abroad. He has contributed as a freelance with both Italian and international magazines. In 2009 he won the “Canon Young Photographers Award” and in 2012 his work “Bolivianas” won a prize at World Press Photo.

Honorable mentions are:

Dani Pujalte (Spain)

Karoliina Paatos (Finland)

Carlos Chavarria (USA)

Once again we would like to thank all the 227 artists who submitted their dummies and welcome you as part of the festival program. The slide show of your single images you submitted will be outstanding! The slideshow can be seen at Exercishallen during our Photobook days 14-16th September.

pietro_paolini Bolivar_003






Landskrona Foto Dummy Award 2018 in collaboration with Breadfield is now OPEN FOR SUBMISSION!

Do you want to make a photobook? Have you made a dummy of your project? Now you have a chance to have it published.

Read more about it and apply for it HERE


Landskrona Foto Dummy Award arrangerades för första gången 2015 och innebär att en jurybedömd fotograf får sin Fotoboksdummy publicerad via stöd av Landskrona Foto.

Boken kommer att bli tryckt, designad och distrubierad. Dessutom får fotografen själv ett antal böcker att disponera över.

Vinnaren av Dummy Awards kommer att utses av en tillsatt jury, under sommaren 2018, varpå denne kommer att bjudas till Landskrona under Foto Festivalen. Som en del av årets festivalprogram kommer vinnaren att göra en publik presentation av sitt fotoboksprojekt.

Utlysningen kommer att ske under våren 2018. Mer information kommer inom kort.



LANDSKRONA FOTO DUMMY AWARD 2017 in collaboration with Breadfield

Do you want to make a photo book?

Have you made a dummy* of your project?
Now you have a chance to have it published.

By entering for the Photo Book Day´s Open Book Dummy Review you have the chance to win the Landskrona Foto Dummy Award.

During Photo Book Day on September 9th there will be an Open Book Dummy Review. Here four photographers will be able to present their ongoing book projects to an audience and a panel. Each photographer will first make a short presentation of his or her project, which will be followed by a conversation about the idea.
The winner, the photographer with the most interesting idea for a photo book, will then be selected by an international jury.

The winner will be revealed/presented on stage as one of the closing events of the Photo Book Day.
Landskrona Foto Dummy Award enables the winner to have his or her book project published by Breadfield Press and Landskrona Foto during 2018.
The prize includes all expenses for book production such as design, printing and distribution. The photographer will also receive a large number of books to dispose over and sell. The book will be printed in 700 copies.
The selected dummies will also be on display as an exhibition in the Tyghuset foyer during the days of the festival.
The event costs 300 Sek (approx 30 Euro) to enter. This fee will go solely to aid the final four selected travel costs. Send a completed application together with your dummy in PDF format before April 15, 2017.

In collaboration with Landskrona Foto.


Apply here:



The call for applications is open to 15 April 2017.


Photo on top: Duccio Doretti, Winner of Dummy Award 2016

*You can enter a book that has been self-published, digitally published or produced by print-on-demand, e.g. blurb.


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