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Breadfield Special Event

Long the Path by Sarah Newman

Sarah Newman is a US photographer, spending five months as a Visiting Artist in the Department of Urban Studies at Malmö University. Long the Path is her series of photographs made along the main bicycle path that runs through the city. The work considers the meanings of connection, separation, and movement, imaged and imagined. Text also plays a role.

“I’ve never lived in a place with so much cycling. I was intrigued by both what the path is, and by what it represents.” The photographs are not pictures of the path, but instead engage with things, places, people, and ideas that might inhabit the path, or move through the space. The collection of photographs becomes an open-ended reflection about being in a place that is at once particular and abstract, real and imagined: “It becomes about experience more generally. And experience is both much deeper and more elusive than visual experience alone.”

Fragments of narrative text from a writer’s notebook are interspersed among the photographs. The text alludes to this inseparability of place and fiction, and the way in which internal thoughts frame how one sees the world. Long the Path is fluid in form and will take shape differently each time it is installed. This show at Breadfield is the first exhibition of the work.

Sarah Newman (b. Miami, Florida in 1982) has been making photographs for fifteen years. Her work engages ideas of space, movement, and the constructed environment. She works in a combination of black and white and color, and often incorporates found text into her work. Sarah earned her BA in Philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis in 2005, and her MFA in Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2011. Her photographs have been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Berlin, and other cities.


Long the Path: Gallery Open Extended Hours

THURS 24 JANUARY, 15-18 (gallery is open for preview, artist will be present)
FRI 25 JANUARY, Vernissage 17-20
SAT 26 JANUARY, 15-18
SUN 27 JANUARY, 15-18