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Sight. So close. #3

With the exhibition and the accompanying catalog Breadfield and fotogalleriet [format] initiates a collaboration which focus on the artist individuality that evolves and proceeds in Malmö.

More often it is easier to spot what we have from a distance than when it is right in front of us. How often have we been looking for our glasses, only to find out later that they were already resting on our nose, or looked for the keys that were already on the hook that they always hang on?

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In the exhibition Sight. So close. we try to remedy this blindness at home and present some of today´s most interesting artists working in the field of photography whom have Malmö as their base. The six selected are all working in the field of photography or film, and in this catalogue we demonstrate these artists´ creative processes. Moa Goysdotter have, with her expertise in the history of photography, interviewed the artists. She visited the workrooms, photo studios and apartments, where all the processes occur and shape what is being created in Malmö at the moment. The texts take us into her head,where associations and thoughts run freely. What emerge are six completely individual artistries, where the impetus, method, technique and presentation are radically different but also with several recurring features. For some tediousness and control is almost of crucial importance. To control the material and the properties of light can derive from an intention to investigate a specific feeling or phenomenon. For others the processes rather derive from chance and intuition. It is developed into an investigatory of what canhappen within certain limits. Common to all six artists is that the quality of photography, with all its possibilities and limitations is ever-present in the process.

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With this exhibition, a catalogue will be published that explores the creative process of the individual artists. Fotogalleriet [Format] and Breadfield wish to initiate an annual collaboration that elaborates on the context laid out by this exhibition. Our gratitude goes to Moa Goysdotter for her personal texts, Andreas Knag Danielsen for the design of the catalogue and last but not least, our participating artists: Bjarni Tor Petursson, Lotten Pålsson, Jennie Rosberg, Kim Westerström, Johan Österholm och Marie Andersson.

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