Alice Myers’ & Tina Enghoff | No outside left



No Outside Left
Exhibition with work from
Alice Myers’ Nothing is Impossible Under the Sun and Tina Enghoff’s Migrant Documents

Refugee – Migrant | Undocumented – Illegal | Citizen – Alien | Freedom – Restriction

The binary terms that separate people who have had to seek refuge from people who own the rights of citizenship have never been more problematic. The legal (or juridical) process forms a snare within which the status of individual humanity is questioned, examined and judged. To be considered as evidence, a person’s narrative about the reasons and conditions for moving from one geographical area to another is expected to follow a certain pattern.

How does your particular story sound? Does it verify your right to protection? Is it contradictory or unambiguous? Where did you first arrive to when you left your homeland?
Alice Myers’ and Tina Enghoff’s works Nothing is Impossible Under the Sun and Migrant Documents visualize conditions in the zones that are erected around those who according to the authorities do not have satisfying answers to these questions.
The works in the exhibition are made in collaboration with individuals who inhabit these permanently transitory places, both formal and informal. The work makes visible the instability of these zones and begs a reformulation of questions beyond the judicial. The space outside, what is that? How does it work? What are its possibilities and impossibilities? How can a human being live there? How can we be made to see those that are made invisible within the framework of humananity?

The Exhibition is curated by Anna Bokström and Nina Bacos and is open from the 18th of November to 10th of December 2016.

Opening, book presentation and discussion with the Artists between 6-9 pm, Friday the 18th of November 2016.