Welcome to Breadfield !

Breadfield in Malmö, a city in the south of Sweden, functions as a meeting-place for contemporary art based photography. The Gallery has existed since 2011. Breadfield was initiated by artists and one of its primary objectives is to have a discussion about photography as an artistic movement, regardless of other genres of art.

In our gallery you will find excellent photographic exhibitions made by contemporary artists from all over the world. The gallery hosts about 6 exhibitions a year.

Breadfield Gallery makes no difference between photographic genres but focuses on photography as such. A photography as a form of art can represent very different ways of expression. This is mainly what we want to illustrate. Our ambition is further to throw light upon and discuss this by having exhibitions, offering guest lectures and publishing a magazine of our own. Breadfield Press focuses foremost on the photographic sketch, the working method so to say behind the finished product.
Breadfield is much more. In our gallery you will find a photography book shop with contemporary, signed copies and a framing work shop for your precious prints. Besides from happenings in our own gallery we will also take part in photography related events around the world. Visit our site regularly to keep up to date. Don´t forget to join us on Facebook and Instagram.

BREADFIELD PRESS is a free tabloid paper focusing on understanding the photographer’s different projects. What motivates and more importantly what processes and thoughts lay behind photo books, exhibitions and other related posts. Breadfield Press makes a try to find the photographic genius without killing the magic.

So, let me take you by the hand and lead you into Breadfield-land.


Supported by Malmö Stad





Föreningsgatan 49, Malmö

Opening Hours:

open by appointment only



If you want to visit us on other days please contact us or visit our facebook page to see if we are attending the gallery (top right corner).



Background Story

Breadfield first came to life in the summer of 2011 by Jenny Lindhe and Tony Kristensson. The idea of a kind of photographic community all came quite naturally as the summer went along.

Spending a lot of time in Tony`s country house far from civilization in a way became the essence of what they wanted to convey. A sacred place far from other people’s opinions and influences. A photographic country of its own. The name and feeling for it was best described by the physical place of Tony´s house in Brödåkra, direct translated into Breadfield.

























Breadfield´s logotype consist of several Nordic animals and serves as a shield. The promise made by the initiators is to preserve the genuine feeling first obtained on the country side during the summer of 2011 and continuously thrive for new photographic challenges.